Take a Break and Connect With Yourself

Like millions of people, I wake up in the morning and then I ….GO.  Go, go, go, go, go.  Bathe, get dressed, wake up child, get child dressed, feed self and child, take child to school, go to work, work, work, work, pick up child from school, feed child and self, put child to bed, empty dishwasher, juice, load dishwasher, spend hours returning phone calls, emails and surfing the web, then to sleep.  4-5 hours later, I get up and …..GO all over again.   That is a typical weekday for me.  Out of 86,400 seconds in a day, I never scheduled time for myself….until recently. But why is ‘making time’ for ourselves such a difficult task?   

I subscribe to a few daily inspiration/motivation websites.  One posted a great article that applies to those of us that have disconnected from ourselves (http://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-things-that-are-real-how-to-take-a-break-and-connect-with-yourself/) .  The article gives ten suggestions of ways to do just that, connect with yourself.  Below are three of my favorite on that list.  What do you do to re-connect with yourself?

8. Switch off. Shut down your laptop and cell phone one warm-weathered Saturday afternoon and enjoy the day unfold. Try not to be afraid of what you’re missing. The world will go on, and you will, too.

9. Read a book. A real, paper book with pages that can be turned by your very own finger tips! Take a pencil, mark it up, circle your favorite excerpts or draw hearts around your favorite characters’ names. Just take a break from the Kindle or any other touch-enabled tablet.

10. Jot it down. What have you learned today? “Nothing” is not an answer. Every day, you have the chance to learn and explore new things. Did you learn that a moth lands differently than a butterfly? Write it down! Did you discover a new hiking trail in your hometown? Make note of that, too! Discoveries help to shape the human experience.

Remember, in an ever-evolving world, you are what’s real.

Out of 86,400 seconds today, how many were dedicated to you?




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  1. Sidney
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 16:57:11

    Unfortunately, I’m not so good at this one – I looked over the list and found some things that I do enjoy doing. Letter writing is one of my favorites – email and texting are fine, but it is SO WONDERFUL to get a handwritten letter. There is just something more “human” about it. I used to journal, and I know that is beneficial for a number of reasons, so I’m pulling out a journal and starting again – today. Thanks for issuing this challenge to reconnect with ourselves.


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