What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?

Time flies by and every single moment of life is precious.  But we often take life for granted and don’t appreciate the time that we have.  Even sadder, we do so much for others but very little for ourselves. 

I have committed myself to doing at least four things for myself each day.  I recently issued a challenge to my friends to do at least two things for themselves each day.  Horribly, many people say that in a 24 hour period or 86,400 seconds in a day, they can’t/haven’t done anything for themselves. Really?! We make time to do for others, but won’t do the same for ourselves?  So I am issuing the challenge to the world.  I ask you….WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOURSELF LATELY? 

I’m talking little things; read a book/magazine for 15 minutes, run/walk an extra 10 minutes, cook a nice meal and eat off of china, take yourself to dinner and a movie, disconnect for 20 minutes and have some alone time to meditate, etc.  Two things…just two things. 

Accept this challenge and deliver it to your friends. The prize….a better, more balanced you.

Again I ask you, What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?


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