Back To Basics

In an effort to not lose sight of why I started this blog, I wanted to share a few things I’ve done for myself lately. I continue to struggle with making time to do something for myself every day. But as the saying goes, “People make time for what is important to them”. I haven’t made myself a priority as often as I should, but something is better than nothing.

1. Running outside
Last June I joined a running group because I’ve always wanted to run. When I would attempt to run on my own, the results were pitifully disastrous. I was nervous at the first session, but became an immediate fan after the first running session. 4 months after the first session I ran my first 5K. One of the things I enjoy most about running is the solitude, well kind of.  I also bring along a few people for motivation/inspiration, luckily they all fit in my iPod.  😀

2.  Blogging

Ok, so I’m only 3 blogs in since restarting, but in the process of blogging, I’m purposefully in tuned to my thoughts, feelings and experiences.  As I’m recalling events that I’m blogging about, I’m really focused on those moments and the details about the location, people involved and how I felt during those moments.  Some of those moments are great and I wished that there were a video camera present so that I could actually see those events replayed as often as I wanted.  Other moments I might have wished didn’t happen at all, but they are things that had an impact on me in some way and I have to own it because it is a part of me and who I am.

3. Being ok with my feelings

There are several components to this, but for the purpose of keeping it simple, this is just what it says…being ok with my feelings, regardless of how I feel.  No, you don’t want to be negative about things all the time, but it is ok to feel something other than happy at times.  It is called being in touch with your emotions.  I’m not always going to be in a great mood, like something or like people for that matter and there is nothing wrong with that! 

4. Sudoku

I was introduced to the game 3 years ago and have been hooked from the moment I understood how to play.  Sudoku is basically a part of my bedtime ritual.  I will play a few games as a way to wind down my day.  It helps me to slow down the ‘monkey brain’ (where my mind is all over the place) and get my mind to focus on just one thing.  It is a soothing treat that I enjoy.

So what about you?  What have you done for yourself lately?


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