If Your Pearls Are Cultured Shouldn’t You Be?

I hear a lot of people complain about there not being anything to do in the city (I’ve heard people in other cities make the same complaint). When you ask them what they like to do or where do they go when they go out, I find that it is always things within their own ethnic group. Well there you have it, when you aren’t open to exploring new things, at some point you will run out of options. In any metropolitan city you are guaranteed to find a host of ethnic groups other than African-Americans and Caucasians that are ready to share and offer you new cultural experiences; no passport needed.

Sunday I took my son to one of the local art museums to see the public unveiling of a new piece by a Japanese artist. The piece is constructed of bamboo and sits on the lawn of the museum. After walking through, The Green Wall, as it is named, we went inside to witness one of many demonstrations that was being done to highlight Japanese traditions. Upon entering we had the pleasure of meeting and taking pictures with the artist. As we made our way to the auditorium to watch a Japanese Tea Ceremony, we stopped so that I could take pictures of my son and his pieces of art that are currently on display at the museum. Yes, my six year old son has artwork hanging in a museum šŸ˜€ (proud mommy smile). Instead of just watching the tea ceremony, I was able to
participate, how many of you have participated in a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony? I have always loved traditions and protocol and this experience was all about tradition and respect. If you love entertaining, the art of a Japanese Tea ceremony is nothing less than beautiful. Let me be clear, it isn’t like I sought out this experience, but it is one that I wouldn’t have had had I not gone to the museum in an effort to expose myself and my son to the arts.

Try various ethnic cuisines, there are tons of restaurant options outside of traditional American fare. Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Indian, Caribbean, etc. You have no idea what you will like until you try something. It’s one thing to not eat something because you’ve tried it and didn’t like it; but not eating something because ‘it looks or smells different’ is just flat out ignorant! To people of any race other than yours, YOU look and sometimes smell different, should they not be open to knowing you for those reasons?

Each year there are several major cultural festivals where you can participate and learn about cultures other than your own. Why be so narrow minded and trap yourself inside a box? Seriously, what legitimate reason do you have to not want to learn more about your neighbor, co-worker, child’s friend,etc. other than just willing ignorance?!?

Take some time to explore other cultures; you can experience the world without having to leave the country.


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