Oh Happy Day!!

Well the 8 year old from yesterday left some of that great energy.  Today was another high day.  One of the reasons is that I continue to fall more in love with my city everyday.  I am enjoying new experiences just from being open to the energies that surround me.  I continue to discover new people, places and things and I love it.

One of the highlights of today (and there were a few) was the dinner date my son and I had with my BF that is moving (see The Bittersweet Side of Friendship) and her son.  What I thought was going to be our last 1 on 1 (plus 2) time together brought surprising news…..the move has been delayed a few days!!! A little stressful for her and her family, but of course selfish me is excited that I will have a little more time with her.

This time next week thousands of children and parents will be exhausted from the first day of school.  I’m sure I’ll be emotionally excited and a little overwhelmed at the reality of an aging child (how dramatic does that sound?! *tee hee*). 

Today I took time to enjoy and focus on the good energy that surrounds me.  I did a lot of spontaneous smiling and although sometimes it felt awkward, it was a warming feeling to be in such a happy and calm space at the same time.  I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

What did you do for yourself today?


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