Saturday Morning At The Farm(er’s Market)

You know how this starts off, ‘it’s been so long since I’ve blogged.blah, blah, blah……’.  It has been, I have no excuse and although I missed doing it, I haven’t taken the time to do so, which clearly contradicts the whole purpose of this blog. But enough of the pity party, on to the good stuff.

So Saturday was the last day of the best month of the year, March!  And I spent it by having the most wonderfully enjoyable day.  It started with me waking up and laying in the bed for almost 2 hours just listening to the rain.  It was nice to have the luxury of not having to be anywhere at a certain time first thing in the morning; and that is a luxury that is only granted a few times a year.

After finally getting up I decided to go to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market, and leisurely browse all of the local offerings.  The stands were full of fresh, colorful and aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruits.  Most of the vendors had samples and because most of them are of fruits and vegetables, you can indulge guilt free.  I sampled two types of apples I hadn’t previously heard of and bought one of each.  One of my Pinterest boards is full of recipes that I want to try, so I purchased a few ingredients to make a Tri-Color Slaw with Lime Dressing and I also decided to venture out and try my hand at making bok choy (both of which were on my dinner plate tonight and quite tasty if I say so myself).

I then walked over to the Craft Barn to see what handmade treats I could find.  The Craft Barn was seven times less crowded than the produce barn which made it easier to casually glance at the various products from a distance.  One table drew me in to look closer at the homemade treats of soaps, creams, bath salts and bath bombs.  I was overdue for some pampering and a little self indulgence and this table hit the spot.  I immediately reached to try the samples of creams that were on display; Lavender, Lemongrass and Olive Oil.  Lavender was the first one I tried and I was instantly sold on the subtly soothing scent.  Unfortunately, she was already sold out of the lavender (which is why it is best to get there first thing in the morning).  I then tried the olive oil and as I rubbed the silky concoction into my hands, she told me that this one is very nourishing for thicker skin and feet.  This was music to my ears, really my feet, as I have been looking for a cream to soften my runner’s feet that recently got me through my first half marathon (Yaaaay meeee!!! :-D).  After just one day of usage, I have a new favorite thing, Meshii Organic Olive Oil Cream!!  This cream has kept my skin soft and well moisturized and I haven’t had to layer multiple products as I normally do to keep my skin from drying out.  I look forward to trying some of her other products very soon!  Of course I got her email address in the event I’m not able to come visit her at the Farmer’s Market and need to try to make a special arrangement, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing her info (

My last stop was The Greenery Shed.  I’m not a gardner, don’t have a green thumb and honestly am not much of an outdoor person.  But I do love the colors, textures and scents of some plants and flowers.  One of the fun things about The Greenery Shed is visiting with the herb growers and smelling the different herbs from basil to rosemary to dill to mint.  I did see one of my favorite flowers, the hydrangea, in its full bloom and beautiful colors.

If you haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market I strongly suggest you do so, espeically if you have children.  During the summer my son enjoys going because he gets $5-$10 and is able to choose and purchase his own produce.  He loves strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes.  These items are usually closest to the main aisle and within his eyesight and reach on most vendor tables.  I’m a pescatarian so I didn’t stop by any of the tables that sold meat but there were quite a few vendors selling a variety of meats from beef to pork to goat to ostrich.  I do know that many of them sell out of their products very quickly.

With the Farm to Fork ‘movement’ growing (which honestly is nothing more than getting back to eating healthier, less processed foods as our parents and grandparents did), the Farmer’s Market continues to grow in popularity as the place to buy fresher and most times less expensive food for ourselves and our families.  Not only are you doing your body good by stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re also helping to support small business owners….farmers.

What I enjoyed most about my visit was that I took my time and slowly walked up and down the barns several times, looking for things I might have missed my first or second time browsing the tables.  I’m usually rushing from task to task and place to place and this was much needed time for me to slow down and literally smell the roses.


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  1. Rane
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 17:10:47

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog! I just found this while I was looking for my blogspot. I have made changes since I last saw you. I hope you’re doing well.
    Talk soon


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