1/2/13 Thankful for An Unexpected Conversation

1/2: Thankful for today’s unexpected conversation and communication. Sometimes it takes pain and loss to truly value and appreciate who and what (physical & mental health, not materialistic things) you have in your life. I hadn’t been a good friend and I missed being that for him. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to do better.


11/12: Thankful for my mental health

11/12: Thankful for my mental health.  Many people take for granted ‘being of sound mind and judgement’. There are some people who aren’t and sadly many don’t have the support needed to get help. Yes, we all make bad decisions and sometimes act irrational, but we aren’t faced with the constant struggle for our sanity.

11/8: Thankful for sibling love, foolishness and friendship!

11/8: Thankful for the relationship I have with my brother. Brothers and sisters have a special bond and ours is one that can’t be explained, rationalized or understood by the outside world.  I have yet to comprehend the total dynamic myself, and I don’t think I ever will. #WeAreCeephus&Reese 😉

The next day my brother posted the following on my FB wall :-D:

Sis….my relationship with you is one of the most important I’ve ever had.  I love the fact that we can have fun together no matter where we are.  I love you and everything about you.

11/7: Thankful for strength that helps build character

11/7: Thankful for the strength to do what I think is best for me, the peace of mind to be ok knowing that all decisions I make aren’t right, and the belief that the outcome of every decision adds to my character.

11/2 – Thankful for Humility, Sacrifice, Patience and Pain

11/2: Thankful for the life lessons that require humility, sacrifice, patience and pain. It is through those lessons that I’m reminded of the blessings that I take for granted. *Without a test, there is no testimony!*

11/1: Parental Thanks

Thankful for parents that continue to parent. I will always be L & R’s daughter and am blessed to be born from their love. Trying to raise a child and helping them to develop their own personality while providing structure, guidance and discipline can be challenging to put it lightly. But they have and continue to give me enough freedom to chart my own course while remaining close enough to give me needed flight advice from the control tower when there may be turbulence on the horizon. #My mama’s on my right side, daddy’s on my left….I’M SO BLESSED!!!!

Season Of Thanksgiving

This month, many people are on Facebook sharing what they are thankful for on a daily basis and I have decided to do the same thing. It just dawned on me, what better way to get back into blogging than to share those same words here and get back in the habit.

November is the month of the year where people focus on giving thanks and sadly it is something we should be doing year round. Some people have daily gratitude journals in which they capture the little and big things for which they are thankful for on a daily basis. In some households just before dinner, each member of the family goes around the table giving thanks for specific things that happened earlier that day. That is a great ritual, especially for children.

Life isn’t always sweet, it isn’t always kind and we don’t always get what we want; but there are so many things that we take for granted everyday for which we should be giving thanks. What has life given you today that deserves a thank you?

“Giving thanks is a way to show life that it is appreciated” ~ Eboni Wallace Lewis

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