What I’ve Learned In 35 Years

My friend, Mariesol, accepted my challenge to do something for herself everyday and then issued the challenge to her friends.  They now text each other daily to share what they’ve done for themselves each day.  Recently Mariesol celebrated her 35th birthday and shared her reflections on the first 35 years of her life.  Below is her list of thirty five things she has learned.  Mariesol, thank you for allowing me to share this. 

What have you learned in your life so far?

Mariesol’s Life Lessons:

 Not sure why this birthday brought some reflection into the last 35 years…maybe because it is 35 ! How did I get here so quickly!? 

So here is what I hold true at 35 years old: 

1. There is a Higher Power. When I listen, I am at peace. When I don’t listen…I pay for it in a BIG way !

2. My family and my parents hold the lessons and the truth that is me. 

3. It is a risk to love, a bigger risk to NOT love.

4. Every person enters my life for a reason. I can tell you something I have learned from all of my friends and family.

5. When romantic love ends or fades, it is respect and admiration that keep people together. Without respect…you may as well just leave.

6. It is ok for friendships to change and evolve. We grow apart, grow back together, then apart again…true friends are never throw away…we just allow the evolution to happen and are at peace with it. No love lost. Not ever.

7. Find what you love before choosing a career.

8. Be good to yourself. It gives other an example on how to treat you.

9. Put yourself 2nd on you list. Put God first.

10. Be able to say “No’ and not feel guilty

11. Be able to say “yes” and not feel obligated.

12. At work, always ask for more money…becasue they are gonna make you work for it anyway !

13. Drink more water than you think you should.

14. Take a nap as often as possible – or just rest. Take a break

15. Mistakes are gonna be made. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just keep moving.

16. Don’t let others judge or label you. That is in their heads…not yours

17. Get your side hustle on…and when you’re ready, turn the side hustle into the full time hustle…if you choose to.

18. Choose peace

19. Learn to be still

20. Be honest with your short comings. Commit to working on you if you want a different outcome

21. Spend your free time with people that allow you to be free. Free to be who you are.

22. Surround yourself with people that have good energy. When the energy is off…get away FAST !

23. Don’t allow someone else’s bad energy to mess yours up

24. It is better to allow another person to be themselves. If you want everyone to agree with you, choose to be alone.

25. Eat food that is good. Don’t over do it but indulge every once in awhile

26. Blast your favorite music on the way to work, dance in the car, in the parking garage…do whatever you need to to start the day off happy.

27. Enjoy outdoors. Nature has a way of getting you closer to God. Be amazed by the ocean, the trees, the rain, the thunder etc

28. The painful parts of life hold a lesson and truth that is revealed to you when you are ready to accept it. That truth is usually about you, not another person.

29. Play and spend more time with your children and family. The work, the laundry, the cleaning up can wait.

30. Choose to forgive. Choose it everyday. Forgive yourself for bad choices. Accept the consequences. Keep it moving…it is just a blip in the movie of your life.

31. If you choose wrong, choose again.

32. Save as much money as you can.

33. Spoil yourself when you can

34. If a person wants to leave you…let them. 

35. Find joy in each day. 

My life is sweet and blessed. I am happy. I choose it. Everyday is not always perfect but still…I am blessed. I thank God for it all, for every person, every experience.