11/2 – Thankful for Humility, Sacrifice, Patience and Pain

11/2: Thankful for the life lessons that require humility, sacrifice, patience and pain. It is through those lessons that I’m reminded of the blessings that I take for granted. *Without a test, there is no testimony!*


Living vs. Losing: Are You A Lotus?

“Like a lotus, I grow through muddy waters into a breathtaking beauty. Like an ivy, my growth potential is limitless. Like weeds, you can’t kill my dreams! Simply put, I am evolution.” ~ Eboni Wallace Lewis

This is clearly one of those I’m going through/I’ve been through something quotes. Which is one of the reasons I love quotes so much! In combining a few words together, you can tell a story. For those that know me (aren’t you all about tired of reading that phrase?!?!), know that I truly love quotes so much that I have notebooks where I have written down ones that touch me in some way, including some of my own, just like the one above.

Recently I did something that many think was impulsive and in their minds silly. When in fact there is significant purpose behind my permanent reminder. “Like a lotus I grow through muddy waters into a breathtaking beauty…” If you don’t know what is special about a lotus…I suggest you do yourself the favor and govern yourself accordingly.

If you don’t know the significance, just know that at some point, we have all journeyed through the same process that a lotus does to bloom. We all have those ‘life altering’ experiences that really test our strength physically, emotionally or mentally. And some of us have experiences where all of those are tested at the same time. In those moments sometimes we feel like giving in to the despair of the swamp would be much easier. Allowing the pull of gravity to suck us down in the quicksand is physically easier than struggling, fighting and working until your soul is sore to not only keep your head above ground but to pull yourself out onto solid ground. Easier yes, but the end result is dramatically different!!

Everyday I am visually reminded that without a test there is no testimony. I’ve been to the witness stand a few times to share mine, sometimes facing a judgmental jury. I hold close the value of my victories and the justice of survival.